Getting into Fender Amps


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For years I ran the Marshall cab with a Mesa Boogie and then I ran into a amp repair guy that had a wall of Vintage Fenders.  After I played every one of his amps I started  getting as many Fenders as possible.  So here is my collection in the music room.  My stage rig is not with this group, but it is a Super Reverb that I A/B with a  Leslie 145.  This group, left to right is the Marshall cab with 25 watt greenbacks.  The "59" Tweed Bassman and "59" Tweed Deluxe are both custom built PTP to match the origionals.  They have hand picked tubes and really are killer sounding Tweed amps. They have both been A/B'ed with vintage Fenders and Victoria's and they are real close to the Fender's and leave the Victories in the dirt.  Under the Deluxe is one of my favorite amps.  It is a 1973 Princeton that is in a custom built Rodgers cab with a 15 inch Weber speaker.  I will run this along with the Super some times and the 15 along with the 4/10's in the Super sound killer.  Next is a 1964 Champ, this is the transition year with the tolex.  It was actually my entry into the vintage amps market and it is such a wonderful studio amp.  It smokes with a Harp or nails the Clapton tone, it was used for the Harmonica and some of the cleaner guitar tracks on the last Studabaker Blues Band CD.  The tore up Tweed is a 1957 Vibrolux.  That amp loves a Les Paul!  The Brownie is a 1962 Super that use to belong to Craig Chaquico of the Jefferson Starship.  It is pretty cool since his name and drivers licenses are etched into the chassis and it has been confirmed with Craig that he owned the amp back in the 70's.

Nice stuff. I fell in love with an old Fender Twin my buddies father owns a while back. The tone is unreal.
I have a 1991 59 Bassman reissue that just SMOKES. I just love that thing. Just some stomp boxes plugged into it and it kills.
Yes! A 59 Bassman cannot be beat , that is why the originals go for such outrageous prices.  This one was blueprinted off an especially killer vintage "59" Bassman and it is AMAZING.  The only problem is it is so loud.  A guitar, a cord, and this thing is Tone heaven. Think Buddy Guy with a Strat or Joe Walsh with a Les Paul and that describes its voice.

Now if I can just find a killer "59" Bandmaster and  "59" Pro stuck for years in someones closet.