George Lynch Orange ESP Replica (sort of)


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This was my first Warmoth build, Project Orange as I call it. It was based loosely on GL's orange quilt maple ESP (from the REH/SGR instructional video and toured briefly with Lynch Mob). I had to stick within my budget and I also wanted it to suit my prefs, so it's not really a "replica" per se. You can find all the specs and build details here.

It's a phenominal guitar, worth far more than I paid for it IMO. The tone is quite sophisticated and it weighs a ton. I'm taking it to the GL Dojo Summit next month and hope to have him sign the back of the headstock (he signed the pickup but it's not that legible). Will be getting new photos of it soon and again after the summit if he signs it (will be added to my build page).

thx guys! the color changes so much based on the light source, from nearly flourescent orange to almost red. makes it fun to take pictures of it :laughing7:
thx! I believe the color is now called tangerine. It wasn't an option on the site when I ordered but W had done a couple other guitars in that color. I gave them some photos of GL's original and asked them to give me the closest they had. I think it's a bit more candy-ish than his but I'm very happy with it all the same.
That "IS" a really cool guitar.  I'm still working towards my "Blue Strat" project.  I have nearly everything, now I just need some time to work on it.  I love any guitar that comes from that "Hot Rod" Charvel/Jackson/Kramer/ESP bloodline.

How's that Padouk project going?

p.s. I didn't know you were from Wichita?   
I was only there about 3 years. I'm now out of state again.

The padouk is still waiting for a neck and guts. soon, I hope! can't wait to see how your Blue Strat turns out :D
I don't know what you spent to build that guitar, but I am quite sure it was less than the $6000 Charvel would charge.

And that my friends, is the beauty of doing it yourself. (with Warmoth parts of course  :icon_biggrin:)