Gecko guitars

nathan a

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I think the Gecko basses look great, and I'd love to see Warmoth create a line of Gecko guitars - adapt the body shape for us tiny 6 stringers, and adapt the neck for a standard 25.5" scale, thinner nut width, etc etc. Same basic shapes, same inlay and options and stuff.

I don't know if it's feasible. Maybe the proportions just wouldn't look right.

Come on, how cool would this be. I'd be allll over this.

I like their "Z-Bass" shape too:

It wouldn't be much of a job at all to fit a seven-string guitar neck to a Warmoth bass body - the bass pocket is 2 1/2" wide, the seven-string neck heel width is 2 5/8". A narrower Ibanez seven-string neck would be a direct fit. Obviously you'd have to work up the pickup placement.
I think it could work..
I always thought that the Ibanez Artfield was a guitar with a bass shape/proportions. a friend of mine used to have one of these.
Marko-- totally. Very bass-like, I'd never seen those before. Doesn't have those really eye-pleasing proportions of the gecko bodies though. Wonder what wood/finish is that top
I have seen them made out of different woods, but believe this one is bubinga.
Great but very rare guitars! I believe they have 30 frets!