Gecko 5-string bridge


Hi. I'm putting together a spec. for my first Warmoth: a Gecko 5-string fretless. As such I have a lot of questions! I'll try and keep them posted in the relevant boards. Any answers would be hugely appreciated.

This one's all about bridges...

I've decided on all-back hardware. Warmoth's site lists their black Kahler as 'discontinued'. In addition I've read less-than-favourable reviews of this bridge. I'm drawn to Hipshot A-style, so:

1. Material: aluminium or brass? I've read Hipshot's FAQ comparing weights and tone. Does anyone have any real-life experience with both who could offer opinion?

2. String spacing: There are five options from .750 to .669 Again, I have no real opinions so does anyone have any advice?

3. Does choice of string-spacing restrict my choice of neck (i.e. small, medium, wide)? I feel that wider string spacing would logically require a wider neck. But would, for example, .750 spacing work on a small neck?

3. Top-loading or string-through-body: again, I've read the Hipshot FAQ but any opinions?

4. Will Warmoth route for a Hipshot A bridge? If so:
a. Is it a cost option?
b. Am I limited in the string-spacing model I choose?
c. Will they drill for stringing-through-body?

5. Finally, I had a brief look at the Hipshot triple-lock down but I'm thinking that might be going off-the-plot?
1. I think all the Hipshot bridges I've had have been aluminum and I've been satisfied with the tonality.
2 - 3. Look at 19mm spacing for the Gecko 5 medium and wide, 17.5mm spacing for the Gecko 5 narrow.
4. Warmoth does not offer the bridge routing string-thru
5. No extra cost.
6. No single saddle bridges on Gecko at this time.

Sounds like my bass! I have an aluminum black Hipshot A on my medium Gecko 5. I chose aluminum over brass for lighter weight and emphasis on highs. Sounds and feels just as I expected. I couldn't be happier.
I'm going through a similar process/debate - I'm going to be building a G5 fretless with a 32" scale. The bridge will be 2" closer to the neck and hence "wider". The pocket of the G5 necks is 2.9" wide, and I can get a Hipshot type "A" with 2.675", 2.75" or 2.83" spacing.  Or, the Warmoth "TK" bridge with 2.75" spacing. I have a four-string Warmoth with a 2.25" neck pocket and the bridge spacing of 2.25" is fine, but that bridge is 34" from the nut, hence 2" further from the neck pocket. I'm going with the wider 1.875" nut, but that's proportionately less important than bridge spacing... I want string-through option, so Warmoth's mega-adjustable Schaller is out of the running, I fear. :sad: On that pictured bass, the strings are closer to the edge than I prefer. My 4-string has a good 1/4" on each side of the string at the neck pocket, and it feels
just ducky. :hello2:

I know there's a way to figure out the math of the bridge width I need proportionally, I just haven't got to it (yet). :toothy12:
stubhead said:
I'm going to be building a G5 fretless with a 32" scale.

DIdn't know that Warmoth would build a neck with that scale... it would be a little Rickenbackerish?  :icon_biggrin:
Warmoth will build a fretless neck without side dots, then you just mount the (narrow) bridge 2" higher and have them route the body for a neck pickup ONLY and omit the divot for the bridge grounding wire and make your own divot & hole where you want it. Ever try to play chords on a 34" scale fretless? Rowf! :cool01:
<newbie here>

I've often wondered about different bridges on the Gecko, especially now that the Kahlers are hard to come by.  I've heard rumors on other message boards that Warmoth is working with Hipshot for a new bridge for the Gecko basses, but you know how rumors go.

Anyway, I did a little bit of research.  The narrow Gecko 5 string has 17.5mm string spacing (measured core to core between each string), whereas the Medium and Wide Gecko basses have 19mm spacing.  That much info is on Warmoth's website.

Hipshot is one of the few hardware makers that uses the English measurement system.  It can be frustrating when you're adjusting your instrument - I remember having to search for a tiny American sized allen wrench to adjust my Hipshot B style, because the hardware on all my other guitars and basses used metric stuff. 

Anyway, Hipshot measures string spacing in fractions of an inch.  The options they give are as follows: .750, .728, .708, .687, .669.  All that's left is the metric conversion.

.687 inches is 17.4498 millimeters.  That's the bridge you'd use for the narrow Gecko.
.750 inches is 19.05 millimeters.  That's the bridge you'd use for the medium and wide Geckos.

On a side note, I've noticed that the "narrow" Gecko really isn't that narrow compared to a lot of other 5 string basses on the market.  I've always considered 17.5mm spacing to be "medium," whereas small would be something along the lines of 16mm.