FS: Prewired Warmoth Jazzmaster Pickguard w/Joe Barden JM Two/Tone Pickups


Custom wired by Rothstein Guitars.http://www.guitar-mod.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=JM_JB_2T

Classic mint Warmoth Jazzmaster Pickguard loaded with amazing, NOISELESS pickups.

$400 via PayPal. Free shipping.

From Rothstein guitars...

"Introducing an extremely cool option for the Jazzmaster with amazing versatility, featuring Joe Barden JM Two/Tone™ pickups. The HB Two/Tone is a full-sized dual blade humbucker pickup mounted into a Jazzmaster cover. The amazing thing is this pickup has 2 modes:

Full Humbucking mode
Single Coil sounding mode
But get this.....both modes are dead quiet!! No 60 cycle hum is anywhere to be found. The wiring and control function is really straight ahead vintage (down to the "period correct" multi-colored cloth wire) with the exception of the 2 push-pull pots used to switch between the single coil sounding mode and the full humbucker mode of the Joe Barden HB Two/Tone pickups. As far as the wiring, we use only top notch components which are all are treated with Caig Deoxit for long trouble free use. The assembly also features our custom made copper shield, only available at Rothstein Guitars."


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