Friends of Floyd Rose help me out!


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The last minute calculations are driving me crazy and there are just some details I cant get over.
1) If my Floyd is recessed, that means that the neck pocket can be flat and/or not shimmed, correct?
2) What is a good depth for the recess? I've gone to music stores a million times and measured like an idiot, but I can't find a standard between brands.
3) I know this has been discussed but I cant find the thread; If the Floyd is recessed, could the neck be mounted so that the finger board is flush with the body, or is that still a crazy taboo and a bad idea?
Thanks, and I'm going to have another on of these emergency clusterbombs real soon about angled humbucker placement. watch for it!
1. no angle or shims required for recessed floyd
2. my warmoth is 1.5 cm deep anything deeper isnt necessary you cant bend back that far without strings muting out on the finger board or something
3. why bother, just make it simple and normal, the work wouldnt be worth the reward

angled humbucker placement, just make sure the outer most poles on either side are roughly where the outer poles of a normal pup would be positioned

hope that helps ya
I think that 720 Mod option that was discuss previously makes the fingerboard flush with the body, I'd call warmoth and ask.
Yeah, I read somewhere that they are offering a deeper neck pocket option now.  The little gap never bothered me though.