Fret advice


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So here t am, just won a bid on the eBay, Starcaster neck with tuners for $29, only to find out that I got screwed and the only way to use it is to buy a starcaster body. So, long story short (LSS), I am going to learn to work on frets, I've never done it.

So I ask for advice on what would tools, at bare minimum, would you suggest. Should I get 1 good file, if so which one, or should I get a cheepo set imported From China. 52 piece luthier tools set only $9.99
To be honest, tools suitable for fretwork are not cheap. You would need at least something for levelling, something for bevelling and something for crowning, plus straight edges, fret rockers etc.

Unless you intend to do a reasonable amount of fretwork, it might not be worth it.
Thanks strat, that is the best advice I have received in a while.. I think I may get the straight edge first, I could use one of those.