Four-string gecko neck?

according to the Warmoth site here

"We had so many requests for a 4 string body patterned after our Flagship Gecko bass line that we designed the G4. This body will use any of our standard 4 string necks and looks especially good with the Warmoth 4 string tilt back neck."

looks like any of the standard 4-string necks will work for you

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well im not looking for a neck for a gecko bass. im just looking for a four-string gecko neck.
given that a Gecko neck looks like this


and that a 4-string Gecko body utilizes the standard Fender style neck pocket, you're probably looking to use a Wrmoth neck similar to this one


similar headstock to the Gecko ... correct Fender style neck heel ... correct 34" scale. more of these are found here:

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