For Queen fans especially!


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That's what I'm talking about.
Those are some rockin' feathers!
Wish that I could still rock that hard :headbang1: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :headbang1:
So cute! We had budgerigars when I was younger so I'm easliy distracted by adorable birds, but they had no sense of rhythm. This one is really cool!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Thanx tfarny for the clip...  :headbang1:  :guitarplayer2:
I love how he knows when it's head bobbing and feet, or just head bobbing, I truly think the bird gets it, he knows whats going on.

Get your replies in now before CT turns this into a political thread. Tfarny is the man, thanks
Now you need a video of him enjoying some old-school punk of something, that bird'hawk and the headbanging are perfect.