Fluttering floyd rose


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Will a flush mounted floyd rose flutter as much as a recessed one, if at all?
Im pretty sure that it had to be a recessed trem in order to flutter. 'cause a flush mounted just sits lower on the body right, it doesn't float?
That's right, it just sits on the body. But I was thinking it might still flutter if you smack the bar.
If you have it set up with just a touch of pull up, you can get some good flutter, but flat against the body I don't know.
naw, it doesn't work flat against a body as far as i know. but like CD said, if there some pull up to it, you can.
mine wont flutter if you put it solid on  the body and with it solidly against it you can put a little more pressure on it with the trem springs and it dosent come up with large string bends even a two string deep bends  seems to work better with a dtuna also hope this helps