Floyd Rose Nut



I just received a neck I had ordered from the showcase. I had Floyd Rose nut prep done to the neck. The problem is the countersink holes in the back of the headstock seem very shallow compared to other necks I've owned. In fact, when I tried to install a Schaller nut, the screws did not come through the top so I could not attach the locknut. Are there different screw lengths for Floyd nuts, or are the countersinks too shallow?
I've seen screws too short once before. If you bought the Schaller nut from Warmoth, call me Monday morning there.
Thanks Gregg.
Well, I didn't get the nut from Warmoth, it's one I've had for a while now. I''ll more than likely buy a new Floyd, but I just wanted to know if I should be aware of any variances in those screws.
So, I guess the question is will a Floyd nut (whole system, actually) that I buy from Warmoth fit the neck that I bought from Warmoth?
Yes, that is the design. I have heard of one person getting slightly shorter screws from us that we remedied but like I said, that only happened once. When you call in to place the order, ask for me.  :icon_biggrin: