Floyd Rose Bridge



I am looking to build a guitar using warmoth parts, for the first time. I am looking for advice on first time installation of a recessed original floyd rose bridge. Is it something hard to do?
If I understand correctly, Warmoth will install the nut for me, so I'm not concerned with that.
If someone can explain to me how exactly one does install the recessed original floyd rose bridge, that would be awesome.
Please help!
Well, you'd have to insert your posts, make sure the floyd is level when laying straight on them, drill the screw holes for the claw in the back and put it on and connect your springs. Do your intonation up etc.
Alright thank you.

But, I am a new comer to Floyd Rose bridges and I'm not totally sure what you mean by drilling the screw holes for "the claw in the back". If you could explain that I would appreciate it.
Ben, Have you already got the body, and routed it?

Do you really want to recess your Floyd?  That means full floating trem, unless you put a trem stop in.

I recently ordered a beautifull body with the routed recess for my floyd, what a mistake on my part, I dont play a floating trem.

I haven't ordered the body yet, Im sort of waiting until I finally make a desicion on recessed or flat mounted Floyd.

Im kind of interested in recessed Floyds, Ive never actually owned one but I've played one before and I thought it was pretty cool. I just figured if I'm going to get a Floyd, I might as well get both up and down "action", so to speak.
Here's a couple videos showing how to set up a floating Floyd. Note that these really focus on changing strings, but the stuff applies to first time setup.



OK, so you can figure out how to tune the floyd,  But, if you rest your palm or any part of your hand on the bridge, or strings when playing or muting, your gonna throw everything outta tune. 

I watched the two videos above, the second one the guy even says it's a pain to tune and keep in tune. 

welll good luck whatever you do, it will all work out fine whatever you do. I was just trying to save the big hole from being excavated in your new guitar:)

Alright, thank you all for your input. I finally have the knowledge I needed to make my desicion.