Floyd mounting doubts


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Thinking about new project. This one,s gonna be a floating bridge. Because the body's gonna be DIY my question is what is the minimum thickness of body to fit the standard and recessed bridge mounting. Also i noticed that Schaller thorughout is 43mm and Original Floys is 37mm deep. That makes me think Schaller requires a thicker body. Another thing is, when non-recessed, is heel angle necessary for proper operation. In that case would bridge humbucker mounted directly without a ring be not too high exposed above top wood line. Wouldn't it look bad and cause danger of easy pickup damage by bare coils exposed to mechanical injury by pick or fingers?
Try these websites. They have routing templates from all angles:


Thanks for your reply. I ve already found those templates and know that i need at least 45 mm not to get my tummy scratched by springs. :laughing7:
i have similar questions to WOJ74. my strat should (hopefully) be here on thursday. i'm planning on using the schaller floyd rose, non recessed, but with the angled neck pocket. the only thing i'm wondering- do i need any sort of pickup ring for the bridge humbucker?  thanks
You can get blocks with different heights for Floyds.
You usually use the short ones for recessed routs and the long ones for non-recessed mounting.
But, you could use the short type for thin bodies...
In that case any opinions of short blocks, do they influence sound, i mean loss of sustain etc.?
i'd guess one could argue less mass means less sustain but the same will go for the body. and you can always get that controlled feed back by standing in front of the amp to compensate. really i don't think it's a consideration, without an a/b comparison you wont notice and i doubt you'll be dissatisfied in the end. one could also argue a thinner body is less rigid and more resonant and also is lighter and takes less energy to make vibrate. albeit you trade off some sustain there too in theory it'll be more tonefull.

the thing you will notice is you'll need an extra spring in the cavity, the shorter block takes leverage from the springs so you'll need more tension.

i hope this helps