Flaming Alien Pirate Squid

Vol. Knob

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A short film edited by my stepdaughter, featuring my kids and stepkids.


Yup...  Artsy.
I see a future here!!!  Looks like you may look forward to being comfortably taken care of during your retirement years  :laughing8:
Glad you all enjoyed it.  I'm really proud of Kira for her editing skill.  I filmed 100 little clips where I either pestered them into commenting, had them say random things they came up with themselves, and for the most part unscripted, etc.  Then I left my computer to go make diner and Kira plopped down at the computer and did a great job cranking this out in the 45 minutes it took me to do a veggie stir fry and baked chicken.

Since I'm laid off and its summer, I'm tricking the kids into doing educational activities.  Film-making is one of them.  I'm having each kid research an animal they have at the KC Zoo, then we're gonna take our phone cameras and my little video camera to the Zoo, and make our own little 5 minute documentaries on the animals.

They''re also working on a script for their own movie to make in 5 to 10 minute long youtube-able chapters.  I think it involves an evil King keeping oranges from his subjects, causing scurvy to break out among the people, and a young boy faking like he's a wizard to trick the King and steal all his oranges to give back to the people.

And of course we're also planning a fake documentary not about sasquatch, not about the abominable snowman, not about the Loch Ness Monster.....  about the rarely seen Feral Boy of Far East Kansas.  That one is gonna be fun.....