Flame Korina L5S


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Just getting started on this today; as there was a lot of color difference between the body and the flame Korina laminate top, dyed back/sides dark walnut with Minwax oil stain; needs another coat of stain once this dries to get it mo' darker, should contrast well with Rosewood neck.

Top dyed with Woodburst Honey Oak; nice amber color is starting to make that flame jump out...


Here are the Showcase pics; in person it's a little darker, but every time I try to take pics they come out WAY darker and you can't see the graining well...



Going all black & gold hardware, gold RioGrande BuffaloBucker set in black mounting rings, gold Gibson style speed knobs
Ordered rest of parts this a.m.; wound up going with gold Rio Grande TX/BBQ set, this will be a blues monster; weighs less than 5 lbs with neck, sun's out so you can see rosewood neck graining OK. Have many, many more coats of Tru-oil to apply, but looking good so far... How many bottles of Tru-Oil do y'all usually apply (Birchwood Casey 3 oz. bottles)?



Here's a better shot of the flame to drive NoNonsense Tele even crazier!


:tard: Goddamn you Jack!!!

Serious, what a great looking guitar! Outstanding... It's not simple, but not to fancy... just classy!  :icon_thumright:
Just started 2nd bottle of Tru-oil; have lost track of how many coats... How many do y'all usually apply? Will continue with 2/3 more coats a day until PUs and rest of hardware gets here on Monday...
Hey Jack, sorry if I have missed it but what hardware colours are you going for?

[youtube=425,350]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1TmeBd9338[/youtube]  :)
Hot! Very nice, you and WillyK have the guitar twins (seperated at birth)...

Not sure which one is De Vito and which one is Schwarcenegger.... :laughing7:
In response to a couple of PMs - lost track of how many coats of Tru-oil I applied, more than 40 coats total applied over the course of almost 6 weeks. Did not religiously do anything between coats, but when applying Tru-oil you always wind up with some "drips"/wipe spots/marks; sanded those back smooth with 0000 steel wool