Fitting studs for TOM/Stop Tail


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I'm going to do a TOM/Stop Tail for the first time. How do I fit the studs? Do they just hammer in like a ferrule or do I pay 10 bucks then ask how I ground it? :help:
I haven't installed a TOM, but read on a thread a long time ago that Warmoth drills a grounding route to the hole closest to the control cavity; if you pay the $10 charge they install the grounding wire.

I've installed a number of Wilkinson studs, and you can use the same technique as ferrules; strip the end of your ground wire and run into the hole then insert the stud and start pounding it in with a small hammer carefully; once it's started/true cover with a folded washcloth and carefully hammer the rest of the way in, checking frequently and being careful not to go to far and hammer body wood.
I would NOT pound on them with a hammer

PRESS them in with an arbor press, but really....

What I did was ease the holes a bit.  Measuring them - W drills them pretty tight (as compared to Gibson's which are looser)

So I eased them slightly with sanding drum on the first 1/4 inch of hole... just enuf to get em started easy, then give 'em the old press in, and there they are!~
Well, you could press them in with an arbor press, but it's more exciting to pound them in with a hammer...
Maybe run down to the store and get a metric screw that fits the bushing... screw it down flat on top of the bushing, and tap that.... at least the bushing wont get all fubar'd
Good luck finding the correct metric size, thats a super fine thread.  screw the stud into the ferule most of the way and use jacks hammer idea
with a piece o hard wood or tough plastic on top of the stud to soften the blow. It should go in snug and not require so much pounding that you screw it up, when in doubt, think twice.
Without measuring, its probably an M8x1.25 or possibly M8x1.00  - both are instock at Home Depot!~