First Warmoth for Glen


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My friend Glen is a blues player. He heard about Warmoth parts and asked me to build his ultimate tele. He chose a one piece swamp ash body with contours, a quarter sawn maple vintage modern neck with a Brazilian board. 6105 frets and Warmoth hardware. The neck pickup is an Antiquity ll (actually a bridge pickup) he bought in a 2nd hand shop. I put a Jerry Donohue in the bridge for him. Glen wanted an unfinished look so I grain filled the body and sprayed clear satin just to give it a protective skin. It came out very smooth and up to his expectations so I'm happy. It sounds like a tele should but more so.... I'm off to make a lefty the same colour now!


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G'day Eric;  the Donohue pickup works great with this guitar. Glen actually made the choice from the 'Duncan link on the Warmoth pickup page. He figured it would match up, output wise with the neck pickup and he was right. Tone wise too it's a good partner for a humbucker in the neck. Over all this is a very tasty cup of "T"
that looks great with the mini bucker. it looks more even than a normal bucker in the neck and a single coil in the bridge
Yeah Willyk!  We've been operating in parallel natural-type contour tele universes.  I ALMOST put in a minbucker in mine, and with the routing I could someday change it up.  Nice work dude.