First timer - simple neck question


I have a great finished neck done by Warmoth and a swamp ash body I am finishing myself ( Strat project ). Is there a correct way to attach the neck ? Example - with a car tire you go in rotation.
Probably a silly question, but I want this guitar to play and sound beautiful

I don't know that there is an established "right way"; I usually do one of the bottom (furthest from edge of neck pocket) ones first, then the top one catty-corner from it, and so on with the other two.
Thank you - I want to get it right the first time. I have had some poor sounding guitars in the past based on the neck/body joint. I found it to fit very snug on a dry fit so it seems there isn't a large chance of error.

Just get them fairly snug - with things aligned - then go back and give each a tighening, then again.  A tire, or cylinder head has limited contact surface, and is apt to warp if not correctly tightened.  The flat bottom of the neck, when seated in the pocket, is not subject to that circumstance.
forget soap... rub the screw gently on the edge of a candle... thats all ya need