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I’m building a Telecaster for the first time. My inspiration is the music of the late Michael Nesmith and guitar legends James Burton and Clarence White, as well as my childhood home. I’m getting my last pickup on Monday via UPS. I will begin assembly and wiring very soon.
Below are some pics of the early concept drawings, computer designs, and a few parts that I’ve purchased for this build.


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Just received my middle pickup for my build today. Can’t wait to get this guitar wired up and start playing! Here it is dry fit just to see how it will look when I’m finished. I’m also including my specifications for this instrument:
Yellah Specifications:
-Body: Swamp Ash
-String Retainer: Nickel Vintage-Style
-Neck: Birdseye Maple Neck and Fretboard
-Tuning Machines: Kluson Deluxe 6 in-line Nickel
-Nut: 1 11/16” Graphtech White Tusq XL
-Neck Plate: Glendale “Extreme" Nickel Plated Fat No-logo
-Pickguard: Vintage style 5 Hole Custom Telecaster Style Solid White
-Bridge: Glendale vintage Blackguard "double-cut" nickel plated bridge-plate with The "Intone Cutting Edge" Spanish Electric set of three 5/16" cold rolled steel Compensated Saddles
-String Ferrules: Kluson Replacement String Ferrule Set For Fender Telecaster Nickel
-Switch: CRL 5-way Lever Switch
-Switch tip: Barrel Switch Knob for Tele

(5-Way Pickup Switching:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup,
Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup,
Position 3. Middle Pickup,
Position 4. Bridge and Neck Pickup,
Position 5. Neck Pickup)

Neck Pickup-
TV Jones Alnico 5 Super’Tron
Pickup with Steel Blades and
Nickel Silver Cover
(Resistance: 4.0k Ohms)

Middle Pickup-
Seymour Duncan Custom Shop
Alnico 5 single coil “Staple” style
P-90; with black Soap Bar cover;
Wound with 42 Gauge Plain
enamel Wire
(Resistance: 8.5k Ohms)

Bridge Pickup-
Lollar Alnico
3 Tele Pickup With
Flat Pole Pieces, Wound with
42 Gauge Plain Enamel Wire
(Resistance: 7.3k Ohms)

-Master Volume: CTS Solid shaft, 500k-ohm
-Master Tone: CTS Solid shaft Push/Pull DPDT, 500k-ohm (Push/Pot activates Partial Coil Tap of Neck Pickup)
-Emerson Custom .022 Capacitor
-Emerson Custom 2017 Treble Bleed Circuit
-500k Ohm Resistor (for tone compensation of Bridge Pickup)
-Mini-Toggle Switch, SPDT On/On
For Gilmour Mod (Adds Neck pickup for two
additional switch settings:
Position 6. Bridge and Neck Pickups Together;
Position 7. All 3 Pickups Together)
-1.1k Ohm Resistor (For Partial Coil Split of Neck Pickup)
-Gavitt vintage style cloth covered pushback wire
-Knobs: Callaham Early 50's Telecaster Dome
Heavy Knurled Knobs
-Control Plate: Glendale Steel Control Plate Nickel Plated
-Output Jack: Switchcraft Long Thread Output Jack with Electrosocket Jack Mount, Nickel
-Strap Buttons: Nickel
-Strings*: StringJoy Broadway
.009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042
-String Bender*: Forrest Lee Jr. Custom Guitars B-Bender
-Case*: Gator Deluxe Wood Case for
Electric Guitar; Tweed
*: items have not been installed or purchasedIMG_0399.jpegIMG_0401.jpegIMG_0400.jpegIMG_0398.jpegIMG_0402.jpeg
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Hey JohnnyHardtail, thank you for the reply! I must have just ordered the butterscotch body from Warmoth at the right time (around August of 2021). I hate that they no longer offer it. Hopefully, they’ll begin using it again in the future.
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