First Guitar Cut from Blank (Non-Warmoth)


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Posting this in Off-Topic since there are zero WM-related parts.  This was the guitar that started as my first blank, a slab of basswood, using my late father-in-law's router that my mother-in-law gifted to me.  This was also the project that told me that I really need a band saw if I'm going to do more of this, rather than relying on my handheld jigsaw (which I remedied this summer; cut my own modified super-Strat MDF template as a first project).

Basic specs:
Basswood body
Import-grade maple neck w/ rosewood board
Gotoh 381 tuners
Otherwise no-name hardware (except for the switch, which is actually Fender brand; I screwed up with the first import no-name switch)
Dragonfire Tele pickups
Neck plate by the inimitable DangerousR6, of course



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-VB- said:
Beautiful! Did you paint it as well? I love the color and matching headstock  :icon_thumright:

Yes, that was Krylon Shimmer in Candy Blue Razz on top of a black primer, with a gloss poly topcoat.


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Thank you, all.  After this one, I started a few more (well, ONE has been started. The others are still either blanks sitting in the workshop or ideas sitting in my head). It's becoming an incredible learning experience.