First Build: Pbass and it's finally here!


Ordered the 2 pc. Alder body for traditional tone, and had Warmoth finish it in Black Red Yellow burst for a traditional look. They did an outstanding job! I never thought I'd like a burst finish as much as i do now. Couldn't be more pleased with my experience so far. I managed to drill all the holes and wire everything correctly the first time. I went for the Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickup.

Pictures of the Jazz neck on the way; it's all wrapped up for finishing.


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Oooh, very nice!  Hope your build comes out great.

Will your neck be pre-finished, or will you finish it yourself?
Aah! Nice classic look! I want one too!!!

Anyone on the board tried any of the antiquity pickups? Considering putting them in my jazz bass if (when... :icon_biggrin:) I order the warmoth beast.
I had the neck finished at the factory. I need a little practice before I do a total neck or body finish. I am finishing off the headstock with some traditional logos and some Nitro Laquer from ReRanch. So far so good on that, as well!