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Here is my Warmoth LP in process.  I'm still waiting on the neck, should be about 5-6 more weeks.  I just installed the electronics two nights ago and I'm starting to get really excited.  I bought the body off the showcase...mahagony LP body with a 3D maple top and cream binding.  The pickups are handwound by Sheptone...he hand winds them to the same specs as the old Gibson PAFs and even uses the same wire(I'll report back on the sound once I get the neck).  I decided to go with a push-push dual coil tap on the neck tone knob.

The neck will be mahagony with a Pau Ferra fret board, trapazoid pearl inlays, cream binding, standard thin width neck, 6105 size fret wire and a satin finish.  The tuner holes are drilled for Sperzels - nickel with pearl buttons.  All the hardware on the guitar is nickel and the tone/volume knobs are gold/gold.  More to come soon...



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Nice body; was told this week the neck I ordered for my VIP build 7 Jul will probably be another 4 week, feel your pain....
Sweet looking body.  I love that honey burst with the top hat knobs, and the cream binding just takes it over the top.  I almost went with something like that, but changed directions and went with a sort of black beauty look on mine.  There's a thread here with mine.  Nice find.
A body more stunning than blonde, brunette and redhead DDD's walking down the beach

Ok. so I lied, but its still a nice body!
Finished her up finally.  WOW!!  This guitar sounds great.  The pickups are Sheptone's at, he also sells them on eBay.  If you want pups that sound like the old PAFs, these are it!!  The best part is that they are louder, but sound so full and open.  Check them out if you get a chance.  I'l post sound clips later.

Anyhow, had some trouble with the wiring, solved it on here...turns out the wiring diagram that I had was jacked up.  Abandoned the push-push switch becuase I broke two of them during the install and those were time consuming wiring up.  I bought from Warmoth and everytime I would start to tighten the nut it would pry the shaft out of the pot.  I must say that these are pretty delicate pieces for $12+.

I took the guitar to a trusted luthier that I've worked with before for the final set up of the bridge and fret filing/beveling/rounding...perfectly intonated and great feeling neck.  Thanks for all the help from everyone on here that helped along the way.  I'm moving back to the mainland to St Louis in about 6 months for anyone who wants to drive out to see'd be worth the drive.

Thanks again everyone!


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What WAS the finish option on that LP? Looks like one of the late '59/early '60 sunbursts that wasn't as yellow/red as the original '58s/'59s, more amber/brown mahogany.