finishing exotic woods


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The moment for ordering my last batch of the 'exotic' series les pauls (purpleheart back, rosewood top and a padouk back bubinga top), is drawing near, and they are quite expensive, so on one hand side, I want to skip as much cost as possible, but on the other hand, I dont want to skim on quality.

warmoth finishes great, but for 2 bodies, thats still 340$. To spray nitro at my place, is out of the question; I'd have to sand and buff and blabla.... not for me.

I've read a couple of times about oil-finishes (danish oil, tungoil, tru oil), and that those kind of finishes are easier to do (whipe on, kind of? ). These woods are so beautiful by themselves, and I want a very natural look, and not that glossy look, so oil is a good choice in this case. but,

1: is it really that easy
2: Do I have to fill the woods?
3: do I have to whipe on oil every year or so? I read that about danish; wont the wood get saturated eventually?

its just to protect it against the harshest beatings and abuse (which happens well....not, but still; its all about the idea). a couple of layers of danish should be enough, I suppose?

I'm a very big finishing-n00000b, sorry for all the (maybe) stupid questions I post here about this.
None of the woods your are using in these two builds require a finish, just let them be. But if you must, I'd say go for an oil finish.  :dontknow: