Finally it came! Check it out...


My first build. I've been wanting to do a warmoth build for years and I'm glad I finally took the plunge. I couldn't be happier, Warmoth did an amazing job. 
Basic specs are:
AAAAA flame top on Black Korina
Maple neck with ebony board, standard thin
Blue dye with widened black burst over
Gonna put a Suhr DSH+ and V60s in it
Schaller Floyd Rose
All black hardware


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I must say... It is a sin to have top routed that body....

But is it just me or is did there appear to be a dent of some sort in the right horn?
That would explain it.

Overall BEAUTIFUL guitar.. Nice work.
Motherfreakin' nice!  :headbang1: Love what you did with the neck. Btw, was that a showcase body or a custom order? I think I saw one like in the showcase for a while.

nope no dent... just the reflection of the light above it. it was a custom order too... the one i was about to get out of the showcase sold last minute. but this turned out even better in my opinion :headbang:
Did you get a veneer on the peghead, or is the whole neck like that?  That is a sweet looking strat, man!
i wish the whole neck looked like that! it was too much extra for the flame on the neck so i settled for the veneer. maybe on my next build....
That is really nice! If you described those parts to me, I wouldn't think so, but looking at it, it's sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet  :icon_thumright:
thanks man. i'm personally a huge fan of the look of flame maple tops. i have a prs custom 22 with the artist package, and i can honestly say that warmoth hooked me up with a better looking piece of wood than whats on my prs  :toothy12:
Once again, if you described it to me, I'd say eh, not my thing, but looking at it, looks awesome. Nice one!! I'm curious why you didn't get blue die in the peghead.