Finally finished with the New Tele... Pics up now.


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So here it is, Sorry the pics aren't very good (camera phone), And the lighting in my appartment sucks..



BTW it's half@$$edly set up, And not yet intonated. Sooooo. yea, Thought I'd throw that one out there. Having this guitar together is going to make for a great day, Mr. Seymour Duncan wired it himself(Which was pretty cool), and then tonight I get to walk on down to Sunset Blvd and see Bad Religion Play...
Thanks guys (Keep the comments coming please XD, Good or bad). I enjoy Critisism. And I don't run it through the pod, in fact, I don't even use it that much, mainly to play around with or record directly.  I run it through that V3 head you see, strait, and I also use a few effect now and again, but none of them are on the board.
I love that color, I grew up with surf guitar so it just sticks to me like glue. Looks great, how to those buckers sound on it?
spauldingrules said:
A super sweet guitar like that should NOT be going through a POD.

:icon_scratch: So it's OK to run a beat box throug a boogie? :toothy12: :toothy12: :icon_jokercolor:
Monsterous!! (ok I know that' spelled wrong) XD but yea, It's really responsive to every move, and the harmonic qualities of the guitar are outragous. The pinch harmonics just come so naturally. I love it!
Nice Tele, man.  It is unique, yet familar.  Love it!  Isn't BR a fun band live?  Punk rockers who play solos!  Love that too!
Sweet rig, I have the same head going through a Mesa 4x12.  My neighbors hate me. :)  What are those pickups?

Edit: Wow, I even have the same pedalboard... a Boss tuner, a wah pedal, and the V3 footswitch.  If you have the same pickups as me (Custom 5 and '59) then we're officially long-lost twins.
Very cool ! Like the headstock for a Tele and the two white humbuckers. Nice alternative to a tradidional Tele !

Is that Sonic Blue or Surf Green (sorry, can't really tell that good with the pics :) )
That IS nice!  Surf guitars are SO cool. My first influence was The Ventures and your axe has surf all over it...  Well done man, well done!
First of all let me say BR was great... And Dbw sorry, but they're sh-6 distortion pickups... But I just added an MXR Carbon Copy delay pedal to that board. Thought I would throw that to you... XD
And it's sonic blue by the way.
sweet guitar, i love the color.

i was thinking about getting the carbon copy delay, that or a memory man w/ hazeria or whatever it is. how do you like it? the memory man has rediculous versitility but looks complex. carbon copy looks cool and does modulation but can it get a reverb like sound?
Ha, actully yea, it can, It's what I use it most for because My V3 doesn't have reverb...
You can set it to hve a wicked delay time, But all the in betweens are harder to get...
You can get them, you just have to play with it.
I'm looking hard for a good reverb pedal for that exact reason... the V3 is awesome but no reverb :(

The Dr. Scientist Radical Red Reverberator looks pretty amazing but the price tag hurts :eek: