Fernandes Sustainer


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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anybody had any opinions or comments about the Fernandes Sustainer.  I just took a look at the website, but there really isn't a whole lot of information.  Seems like it might be worth a try though.  Can anyone comment on it?  Things like ease of installation, control routing, wiring information...  Anything at all would be helpful.

Depending on how my first build goes, I'm thinking of trying a HxH config with a sustainer...  Perhaps a Dirty Fingers or Invader in the bridge position.  Is that crazy?  I hope so :laughing7:

Cheers guys
I was thinking of adding a FS to my V-2 body i just got. The thing is, my body's cavity route did not have enough room, or the body itself, to allow the circuit board that the sustainer needs.
Yeah I was worried about that.  On the site they show it fitting into a gibson LP style rear rout, and I wanted to try a gibson style V, so I figured it may be too skinny...  How large is the circuit board anway?