Fender <--> Warmoth spec sheet + ageing questions...


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Hi guys, IM brand new to this forum so please go easy on me! You see like a nice bunch so here goes..

I've been wanting to build my own warmoth strat for ages now but frankly a little bewildered by the options available... woods / electronics / pickups / fret wire etc .. yikes!  I want to build a fender replica so I was wondering if there was any kind of resource out there that matched up the different fender models with warmoth parts (to the closest approximate) ???

Also, Id like to age the guitar, I own a 1972 fender precision and I love the aged look and feel (not to mention the tone but that only comes with 26 years of playing....) - what methods do you guys use to 'age' your guitars?

Thanks in advance!!!

Welcome to Wonderland mate.. :hello2:

The best resource I know is right here. Warmoth make parts that fit Fenders like a glove so all you have to do is match the parts to the model you want to ..ah...model!  For instance Fender strats were either ash or alder depending on the year, necks were maple with either a maple or rosewood board. Some maple necks were one piece with a skunk stripe or had a separate board, again depending on the year of manufacture. Warmoth can build necks for strats of all variations from vintage to modern and somewhere in between. Even the width of the nut has varied over the years so you can really dial in exactly what you're after.
Just tell us what era strat you will be trying to replicate and you will get heaps of info and helpful advice from lots of the guys here.
Warmoth don't do "ageing" but lots of us can give you some tips on that too, it's really just up to your imagination.
All the best with your project, I'll look forward to seeing it progress. :eek:ccasion14:

BTW we love pictures so remember to post lots when you start :laughing7:
The beauty of Warmoth is that you can create a guitar to an exact spec. You can go crazy and build something really unconventional or you could keep it true to the original.

My SG was very much my own idea in terms of spec, but my Strat was a vintage spec, although I wasn't particulalry yearning to create something identical to Fender.

My opinion of ageing is perhaps different than some people. I really cannot see the point. Its a lot of work and it may end up a waste of time, or look like some of the really bad examples on the net.

Looking forward to seeing the progress.