fender super six reverb amp


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anybody on here familiar?  they're pretty rare i think.  i've been looking all over, reading about them and stuff.  trying to find one for sale is really hard.  i suggest googling them if you're curious.  it's beautiful.
There's actually one with a buy it now of $950 on eBay if you want to drive to Houston and pick it up.... Why would you necessarily be hot for one. have you ever played one? I played with a guy back in the 70's that I think bought it new, it was OK, but a positive bitch to move around due to weight.

This is best I can remember, but I'm sure CB will chime in with more technical details, but to the best of my recollection; this was part of a series of amps that CBS put out in the early 70's shortly after going from the "black-faced" amps to the silver. They took the first "silver-face" revision of the 100w quad 6L6 Dual Showman head (details on differences, CB?) and stuffed into some different cabs, there was a "Quadraverb" which was that amp circuit in a Super Reverb cab; the Super Six was the same deal, but with a taller Super Reverb cab with 6 rather than 4 10-inch speakers.

Due to weight, size and price it wasn't real popular and they didn't sell many units and I think it was discontinued after a couple of years so that's why you aren't going to find many available. There wasn't any real discernable difference between the 6 and 4 speaker versions other than cost, but back in the day the 50w Super Reverbs were WAY more popular even in silver-face.

If you really want that amp. it would probably be easier to find a 100w Dual Showman head and plug it into a 4x10 cab.
thanks for the heads up on ebay.  i don't know how i didn't catch that.  i don't know what it is that appeals to me... i've never played one.  i'd like to.  we'll see what happens on this ebay thing.
Here is something you may find interesting:


I'm with Jack on the portability issue.  The bass player in my band has an Ampeg 8x10 cabinet, which sounds like thunder, but moving that thing around to gigs is a pain in the rear, quite literally, even with the wheels!
The real issue is that having been around the Quadraverbs and Super 6's back in the day, the extra 2 10" speakers made no real difference anyone could discern, we'd remind the guy that owned the Super 6 that every time we had to schlep that load back to the van....
The only Super 6 I've ever seen was cut down to a head and sitting on top of a slant 412. Sounded pretty good. I tried a Kendrick 6 x10 tweed combo that had four speakers open-back and the bottom two sealed. Neat Idea, but the idea of hauling the monolith from 2001 to every gig gave me a moment's pause.

I'm not a fan of lots of speakers in a combo. I think 4x10 or 2x12 are about as close as you can get to that fine line of power/presence and portability. If you need more speakers, get another combo amp or extension cab. Make your rig scalable.

Yeah, looks like you can get a Dual Showman head with the same amp circuit as the Super Six for 400-600 US on eBay; there are a couple of the better, older black-face Duals up for auction right now, but they'll typically run more...  Grab one of those and a cab. If it turns out that you really don't like the amp, it's pretty easy to relist it and turn it back around on eBay if you can buy it at a reasonable price...  You can take the head and your axe and go audition all the cabs in town....
jackthehack said:
The real issue is that having been around the Quadraverbs and Super 6's back in the day, the extra 2 10" speakers made no real difference anyone could discern, we'd remind the guy that owned the Super 6 that every time we had to schlep that load back to the van....

Both make the Twin Reverb pale in comparison.  The Super Six esp was louder than loud in its JBL fitted incarnation.  Been there, done that... its LOUD.

Its also damn near 100lbs and brotha... I dont want one!
Louder than hell... I'll let the kids go surf YouTube and find the links, but there is film stock from Cream's second U.S. tour of a lot of their hits; Clapton's wearing a red cowboy shirt & playing a red ES-335, and his backline was 2 or 3 Dual Showman heads that look to be on the 2x12 or 2x15 cabs. It was shot in a rather large hall (Fillmore West?), but if you look closely they didn't need or bother to mike the amps to the PA system... That be LOUD!
Considering there is only 3db difference between the Super Reverb and Twin Reverb - in terms of watts producing volume... I can tell you that my Super Rever (with Celestion Vintage10's at the time) was as loud as a Twin Reverb... no question.  The 3db was lost in the 4x10 vs 2x12.  Now take a 4x12 QuadReverb or 6x10 SuperSixReverb... you got that wall of sound goin.  A 4x12 combo... jeeze.  And 100 or 105 watts too.  Brutal (and brutal to carry too!).  Crap... the Super and Twin are both a mother to carry.
neo speaker mags. i compared an eminence 10 inch legend (bass) to a basslite neo.  41 ounce weight difference in the magnets.

here is some random stuff on the matter.
4 ounce neo magnet.
Watts  150W
Music Program 300W

45 ounce ferrite magnet.
Watts  200W
Music Program 400W
i can deal with the wattage dif.
I have a fender super six and while its bulky it is one of the warmest fullest sounding amps I have heard . But I am a Fender guy
As of 3 weeks ago, GC in South Orlando FL has one. Been there over a year. Pretty sure it is a 69. Maybe a 1% chance it is a late 68.