Fender locking tuners on a Warmoth neck?

Hey everyone! I am a first time post-er and getting ready to pull the trigger on a mustang warmoth build. The question I cannot seem to find the answer to is: will fender locking tuners fit a warmoth neck? If so- what size tuning holes should I choose as my option? I love these tuners and hopefully can make it work!

I think those tuners are actually made by Schaller, but they may require the old-style 25/64"/11/32" staggered hole.  Schaller changed their specs not too long ago, but the ones made for Fender may not have changed with them.  If memory serves, Warmoth will still do the old-style staggered hole for you, but you have to ask for it.  There may be a small upcharge.  They don't put it on the menu because they sell the Schaller tuners that require the new 25/64" straight bore.

The short version is that you can often get things not on the website by contacting them directly by phone or email.  When it comes to things like tuner bores, that's probably the best way to end up with what you want.

Personally I'd not lose sleep over Fender-brand tuners unless you already have them.  Gotoh is very popular and makes an excellent-quality tuner for the price.  Schaller will sell you those same tuners (maybe slightly updated) without the "F" engraved on them.
You don't need a staggered hole. Fender holes for those tuners are 10mm off the top of my head.

A jig tool for the pins at the back may be helpful as you would have to drill them yourself. There are other ways to do it or you could perhaps make your own jig.