Favorite P-90

The modern Gibson's are a safe choice as far as middle-to-hotter tone is concerned.  They're running a bit on the warm side, not too bad though.  Gibson has changed the brass plate on the bottom of the pickup - and this is simply a "bent" affair.  It benefits from straightennig, and the addition of a spacer on each magnet.  The ideal spacer is a wooden "craft stick" - better known as an ice cream stick (clean of course).

For underwinds, or serious overwinds, you just cant beat Lindy Fralin.
Thanks for the reply CB. Wonder how the Rio Grande P-90s compare with any of the above mentioned?
BB in SC
I appreciate the offer CB, and I'm sure I could get it for a decent price. I'm just hesitant because if I buy one pickup, I'll have to buy another, and then a bridge, and then a body, and then a neck and then, tuners, and then...  :)
BB in SC
For the record, that pickup is going in the neck position of a swamp ash bodied, rosewood-on-maple necked, Bigsby equipped Telecaster. Late Christmas present for my best friend.
I am considering the RG Jazzbar/Bluesbar blues bar combo on my next project and was wondering if anybody here tried them..
I really like the sound bytes on the RG! do they really hum a lot, and does shielding help with these?
Well I've been playing the RP Jazzbar in the neck position of my thinline and have mixed feelings. It's really warm, rich, and very loud, but too bassy in this guitar (walnut thinline). I feel like it would be an awesome pickup on an LP junior or something solid and in the bridge position. Although they call it the 'jazz' pickup it's actually pretty hot (10k). I think Jack said the blues one is 12k. I think eventually I'll swap this out for a SD vintage p90 or the kent armstrong vintage p90 (any thoughts on those too, guys?)
, something a little bit less intense where I'll get more definition in the treble.
I'm wiring a pair of Tom Andersons into a Black Korina LP Special.

I love pretty much all of their stuff.  I'll post a review of the pups when
I get it all set up.


PS: Anyone tried the Dimarzio Virtual P-90's?  No hum would be cool.
Serious shielding helps, but there's only so much you can do.
I like Lindy's own wind on Fralin pickups.  It's something like 10-15% underwound and super spanky!  I love 'em!