Factory Seconds


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So, what is your opinion of W factory seconds? They always look like the blemishes are tiny. Have you bought one, and if so, was the blem worse than, or not as serious as, you originally thought? I'm looking at http://www.warmoth.com/showcase/sc_guitar_necks.cfm?itemNumber=SN4495 which probably won't last long.
I've bought a couple; one with a tiny "burn" mark on the bottom edge of the peghead and another in which one of the MOP inlay dots was supposed to be "off"; but in either case; much like the link you're looking at it's hardly noticible at all
I'd jump on that neck quicker than a cat can wink his eye! That blem is so unnoticeable, NO ONE would ever see it. GREAT PRICE on a fine neck!
Thanks, guys. I'm just leery about the fatback, I like a fuller shape but not sure about something that big. I'm going to GC and play some 50s reissue tele or something to try and get a feel for the neck shape. I really shouldn't buy any more parts right now, but fellowship money is coming on Monday and the rent is already paid, and I like everything else about that neck.
I was assuming that everything else about the neck was exactly what you were looking for. I would absolutely not spend any kind of money on a gamble that I might not like the contour
BB in SC
The only Second I've seen that I thought was really no good was a tobacco bursted LP with cream binding where the binding was messed up somehow, and the paint touched up (anybody else remember seeing this? It was around a long, long time).

It looked really lousy to me, but I just searched for it and it's gone / sold.
My best friend bought a Warmoth Les Paul factory second. It took both of us 2 hours to finally find it, and even then only at one specific angle in perfect lighting. It's since become a non-issue.