Experience with Satin finishes?


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Hi guys,

i am currently thinking about my first warmoth body (only had necks to this day) and i am interested in a satin finish, a satin cherry burst to be precise.

I know that a satin finish will polish up with time, but how is the rest? Anybody here got a satin finished body? how is it holding up? Are you happy with it?


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I've had satin and in a burst . It holds up fine but I'm not rough on guitars . Some say there a little softer , I didn't think so .
I've sprayed satin once , it wasn't my best finish and redid it. You would think spraying satin was easier but it's not, very little room for error. I've done gloss lacquer more then once and used 0000 steel wool and it was beautiful.
If you watch warmoths video on  satin finish it's impressive , really sold me on there process.


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I have a Satin Charvel and  warmoth self-build with a satin finish. Both hold up great and I love them. I think you'll run into more problems of wear and tear with matte finishes.