EXCALIBUR UNSHEATHED! (Wenge neck with Brazilian Rosewood board)

Today when I opened a box containing my Wenge/Brazilian Rosewood neck with abalone dot inlays, I knew what it would be like to first unsheath a sword designed to slay a city-plaguing dragon.

You will see pictures in about five weeks, once the body has returned from GMW Guitar Works and is attached to its rightful arrowhead.  I had the option of getting the headstock painted to match the body, but once I saw this neck in the flesh I knew that there would be no such tomfoolery.  It is woodworking of the highest art.
5 weeks?

Such a good first post (welcome to the club) and yet pics ar 5 weeks away?  I wanna talk to your painter :glasses9:

  WoW !!!!! thats my favorite wood combo.......could we persuade you to post the Neck pics now?????    sure would love to see it..... :blob7:
Impatient fiends!  I am not your pornographer. 

Oh, and also I have neither a digital camera nor a scanner, though when I find some friend or other who will inconvenience themselves enough to let me borrow their photographic equipment, I will post what I can when I can.  For the sake of Warmoth-back-patting unity, I thought it would be sufficient now to simply issue an enthusiastic HOORAY!  Tell me nothing of what is worthless.  You shall have your pornography in due time.

"PICS OR IT DOESNT EXIST" -1,000,000,000,000
How long is "Due" time, My mortgage is "due" on the first, seems you got a week to post pics, get a camera, or get a rope!

JK, Take your time