ESS-335 Kit (Non Warmoth)

Thanks for the description on your finishing!  I didn't even consider the issue of wiping on the first coats with respect to the binding, but then the guitar I'm working with doesn't have any.  But without that knowledge, I could just see me repeat this on another guitar with binding and not ever think about.
At long last, here it is! Drum role please!
Here's Big Red!



I actually got it finished this past weekend, but didn't get a chance take any pictures or post until this evening.
All in all, it worked out pretty well I guess. It is definitely playable and the pickups don't sound as bad as I feared they would.

The neck is boarder line of being too flat with no tension on the truss rod, so I am hoping it curves a little more as it sets under some string tension. Turns out the nut on the 3-way switch was already pre-stripped :tard: (bad tolerances on the threading job), so I replaced it, and the jack as well (too flimsy).

I believe I mentioned before that I was missing 2 screws for the pick-guard when I opened the box, but I have never been a fan of those pick guards anyway, so I just left it off. And, the intonation setup was just within the limits of the play in the saddles, but just barely, so I was really glad of that.  :cool01:

Anyway, it's pretty close to as good as I could have expected it to be, but it took a bunch more work than it should have to get there! :guitarplayer2:
It's a holllerbody - it needs some guy wires to get that top dancing anyway! Nice job.
That came out great.  I don't think anyone would notice those small areas unless you pointed them out.  Even then, they'd probably be written off as acceptable in a non custom shop model.