Esquire switching

el twanguero

I wonder if any of you have a unique scheme for the 3rd switch position on an Esquire? I can live with having only the 2 obvious useful switch selections, but the super dark-sounding "rhythm" selection does absolutely nothing for me. Anyone tried a hidden neck pickup that really works, and fits in the standard Tele neck pickup route? Thanks.
Use it to switch in a Q filter from Lawrence, in place of the capacitor for the tone control.  Woooo bababay!  You put a Q filter and say... a .022 cap in series with it... and you got a whole new beast of a tone control.  It cuts MIDS not highs.
Though I haven't had a chance to try one yet perhaps a black ice from stewmac. It may work with with an added resistor.,_pickups/Components:_Black_Ice_overdrive.html

black ice is.... well, I guess SOME people like it

Re: Black Ice.
They require a very powerful pickup of about 14 K +, and there aren't too many single coils that powerful.
I've seen where the Fender Custom Shop makes an Esquire "Stealth" or some such... anyone know something about that?
I have my Esquire wired like this:

Down : Normal wiring circuit

Middle: Tone Pot out of circuit

Up: Tone & Volume out of circuit
I don't really know anything about them, but the Seymour Duncan wiring diagrams page has three different Esquire shemes, including the S.D. Signature.
Has anyone ever tried a version of Esquire switching on a Les Paul Junior?

I've been wondering if there would be any useful tones with that style switching on a P90.