Enough already.


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Jesus people.
Don't you guys see how stupid this is. Creating threads and locking them and all this bullshit.
UnofficialWarmoth is one of the most levelheaded forums out there.
This is the first time since i have been here that i have seen things get out of control like this.
We are grown men and women, can't we be behave as such? Even the younger members of this forum are able to act civilized and get along with each other.
If you guys want to argue, take it elsewhere. This is a forum of guitar building and music, not homophobia and bashing Telecasters.

I don't want you guys wasting my time with your shit!
If you want to bitch and moan at each other like little children, PM each other. Leave the rest of us civilized people to discuss guitars while you privately argue about pointless nonsense.

Furthermore, i am done trying to keep the peace here. I am not going to involve myself with anymore of this, because you guys are never going to learn.
I have to agree, it is getting a bit weird.
This was always a great forum, with a great bunch of people that never really needed a lot of moderation if any.

I am really not against intense discussions even about politics and religion, but there is no need for it to get nasty..
Yes, the fact that when I click on unread posts and fewer and fewer actually deal with guitars troubles me.

Though I agree that the forums are open to freedom of speech and whatnot, I would appreciate if those types of topics were addressed on other forums, as there are many out there to choose from.

Then again... I think a hard-tail strat bridge looks good on a LP.... so I have my own issues.  :laughing7:
line6man said:
Even the younger members of this forum are able to act civilized and get along with each other.

+1 to all, but I don't think me and Connor are passionate enough about the topics in question to get riled up. Probably more apathy than restraint. I see pretty much everything from both sides, so I don't feel there is a perfect choice for politics, religion, and other things. I have my opinions, but I never feel compelled to help the poor folks who don't have my opinion. The person I work with most in band is a good friend, even though he's a different religion. Most of my friends are a different sexuality, religion, some disagree politically, but we don't take it personally. They are my friends, not me. I'll make my choices and opinions, but not theirs.