EMG Select


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Are these decent?  I need a new p-bass pickup for my SX bass, and I don't want to spend a lot. 
hmm did I here don't want to spend a lot?
then I have the marketing tool for you!
The "EMG Select" are very much NOT comparable to "real" EMGs.

In fact, i would more generally recommend against buying anything from Stew Mac until you have enough familiarity with guitar parts to know which of their products are worthy and which are shabby, over-priced imitations of the real thing. There's a lot of nicely photographed trash in their catalog.
I don't know what's with the GFS bashing though, it seems shrouded in controversy and some people on the reranch forum would ban anyone for talking about it since he said it basically turns into personal attacks. Is it because the pickup is so cheap yet good that some pickup makers are threatened by them?

They are cheaper than EMG selects too and I need a decent but inexpensive pickup for a j-bass build...