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red king

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Did anyone else get this email directing them to go to the "old" board, saying that it is the "new" board?


We're emailing you because you are a member of unofficialwarmoth on ezboard and something exciting has happened today! unofficialwarmoth has it's own domain name now!

You can login to unofficialwarmoth with your email address and your ezboard password. Your ezboard username and password remain the same and are still available for you to use on the ezboard network.

In addition, we have added some new features:

Search: fast and accurate search that works
Free Image Hosting: 30MB of storage to host jpegs, gifts, bmps, pngs
Posts Don't Fall Off the 20th Page: unlimited storage of posts
Advanced Private Messaging: 4GB of storage for you, friends list, ignore list, mark as unread
Profiles With More Customization Options: (e.g. embed videos/music, choose from a list of ready-made designer skins, HTML blocks that you can edit any way you want, etc).
Your profile can be found at

If you have any questions, please contact Yuku Team

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