email from =CB=!!


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=CB= has very nearly established his evil lair's Internet-processing substation.  We should expect him to return soon!!  :eek:ccasion14:  Here is part of a communique I received via email from an undisclosed location... portions have been redacted as they remain top-secret.

I'm gonna be back to the forum.... just got the connection
re-established at the new abode, and its a real good one too.
Hopefully move the arsenal of computers this weekend - two servers and
one desktop, maybe two desktops dunno.  Please do, PLEASE do, give my
regards to Gregg and all the guys - I've got projects to complete (and
document) so I'll be back just as soon as my living situation,
computer situation, is resettled.  Also, tell 'em I miss the place and
am looking forward to getting into things once again - right now I"m
typing on webmail from work ((ugh).

Many thanks, and do give my regards to all.  As MacArthur said - I shall return!