Dye finishes gone from website?


Senior Member
I was just playing around with the body builder as I sometimes do, and noticed that it is not possible to add a dye finish to any body, even with a quilted or flame maple top that would normally allow this.

It's also not possible to add a dye finish to an in stock body with a quilt maple top.

Is this a website glitch, or have these finished been discontinued?

They are still showing as available on the finishes section of the website, but not in the body builder.
Sounds like a glitch to me, but you never know: the finishing department has been extremely backed up lately.

The best (and only) way to find out would be to call/email Warmoth directly.
This is fixed now.

I changed some of the builder rules last week to accommodate our new DIY Paint-Ready option, but it messed with the Dye option. All good now.

FYI, the fastest way to make the web dept aware of stuff like this is to email webmaster@warmoth.com.