Dye Finishes (Amber, Copperhead)

I've done some research into what goes into Dye finishes, and there's some absolutely gorgeous examples out there of Warmoth jobs. I'm coming straight to the source here at the UW forum to see if anyone has any examples they'd like to share, especially if it's Amber dye or Copperhead dye.

I understand that it's hard to get a very accurate picture of a finish on a computer monitor, especially one as complex as a dye on a quilted or flamed maple top, but as I get closer to pulling the trigger on ordering the parts for my next bass, I'm reconsidering body wood.  What colors are used in the Copperhead dye, and is it done like a burst? Or sanded down with a different dye?

Thanks everyone!
You gotta be kidden me. Everythin you jus' said is like my favorite to do....efry day.