Drop D for fixed bridge/gotoh tuners?


I just put together my second build (VIP body, fixed bridge) and I would really like to try out a drop d tuner like the hipshot GT1, but everywhere I see them, they mention that they'll fit to replace SCHALLER tuners, but there's not mention of Gotoh tuners, which is what I have. Has anyone done this successfully? I don't want to waste time or money on a "maybe" if I can avoid it.
The manufacturer mentions the GT1:
  • Retrofits guitars equipped with Grover® Rotomatic tuning machines

The sites you are looking at probably have used a description from the GT2

Thanks so much for your reply! Here’s what concerns me about the GT1… The peg hole size doesn’t quite match up with the Gotoh tuners, as small as the difference is. Think it’s negligible enough to still work? These are the aforementioned maybes that keep me awake at night.


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Not all Grover Rotomatics have a bore size the same as the Grover SG381. The bore size and shape of the rotomatics is sometimes smaller. So the Hipshot extender is targeted for those. It should work in the slightly larger hole size you have and you can always put foil around the shaft for example if you want to make the fit more snug.

The only way you are really going to know if it works for your situation is to try it. Perhaps check with a retailer if they have a return policy.