DPDT Switch on Seymour Duncan diagrams

Neo Fender

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Surely I am making this harder than it is.  Please confirm, correct or clarify my thinking below:

I've replaced a few sets of Strat pickups but have never worked with wiring push-pull potentiometers. I have a PRS SE (H/H, 1 Vol, 1 Tone w/ push-pull coil split). I'm replacing the stock 85/15 S pickups with a Jazz neck and a Custom 5 Trembucker on the bridge. While I'm at it, I am adding another push-pull for phase switching. I'm installing new CTS 500K push-pull pots, a new CRL three way blade switch and a new Sprague orange drop .047 microfarad capacitor.

I'm using this diagram as a reference: https://www.seymourduncan.com/images...SPL_1TppPH.jpg

First, I'm sure this is clear to most folks but not so much for me. Trying to confirm how the drawing shows the potentiometer orientation to make sure I'm wiring the push-pulls correctly. Please see the diagram that I've marked up below. I've numbered the switch contacts the way I interpret the drawing.

Second, the poles on my switch are staggered opposite of what the diagram shows. I marked up the drawing to show how the poles on my switch are arranged. On my switch, the top row is offset to the left, whereas on the original SD drawing, the top row if offset to the right. Don't know if this makes a difference. I understand the switch can be installed either way - it just has to be wired correctly.

(Ignore the ubiquitous three lugs on the actual potentiometer...) On the first drawing below, points 1 & 3 are nearest the shaft on the DPDT switch.  Furthermore, the volume (top) pot is drawn with the shaft pointing down and the tone (lower) pot is drawn with the shaft pointing up (see my marked up drawing).





You will be pleased to hear that yes you have interpreted the CTS pot correctly in relation to a more standard push pull diagram.

I just did a diagram a couple of weeks ago based on these pots and ended up making a new shape for them for my visio icons.

Thanks for providing something to go on in terms of a well put together question etc.