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Because if you do, you could well regret it.

I got my completed Soloist back from the guitar tech today. When I ordered, after months of careful planning, I had Warmoth omit the pot holes, as I wanted to choose the locations myself. Instead of planning where I wanted them BEFORE I took the parts to the tech,which I hda days to do, I decided on the spot, when he asked me. And guess what? I fucked it up. The tone pot is in the right place, but the volume pot is too far back towards the bridge end of the guitar for comfortable volume adjustments while playing, particularly when the trem arm is in place. Violining is out of the question. It should be further forward, over the pickup switch. In retrospect, what I should have done is have Warmoth simply omit the tone pot hole, so I could have placed that.

Sadly, as the guitar is rear-routed, there is nothing I can do. I will simply have to live with it. Today should be a really good day, but at the moment I'm left with a guitar I can barely bring myself to look at, let alone play. Just thought I'd share this to help prevent anyone else making the same mistake.
Very much so I'm afraid - the guitar was finished at Warmoth paint shop, and the finish is clear gloss, so any attempt to move it will be rather obvious.
Hard to picture where you are talking about exactly, but here's an idea - get the volume pot hole drilled in the proper position, and fill the wrongly positioned hole with a toggle switch, like for a coil tap, don't be afraid to wire/enable the switch AS a coil tap if PU supports it.
Here's a quick pic taken with a phone cam - I should have sited the vol pot where I've Photoshopped in the black dot.



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Well drill the new hole, and either place a metal cap in its place (or a wooden plug or an inlay of some kind) or put a toggle switch in its place. So you will have either a decorative thing there or a switch of some kind.
Yeah, drill the photoshopped hole and throw a toggle switch where volume pot is now, that bridge humbucker coil-tappable? Tap it!
It looks good, It's just not where you want it, I feel for you as I hate the standard volume location on strats.

Can you learn to play it that way?

It's a beautifull guitar man, you did a nice job, I hope more switches isn't the answer. maybe a  warmoth sticker?  JK sorry

Don't do anything for a long while, think it through, then think some more, liking looking for a girlfriend, when you stop trying, it will all work out  good luck

Without the trem arm, it's just about useable. With the arm in, almost impossible. Fortunately, the humbuckers are tappable, which I was intending to do via a push-pull tone pot. What I may do now is move the volume pot to where the black dot is and install a mini-toggle as the coil splitter, which will be easier to engage quickly than a push-pull pot. I will take a decent amount of time considering my options though, as Alfang sensibly suggests.

I'll post some good pics tommorrow too, probably in the Gallery.
I think that idea, just allowing yourself a mini-toggle switch, is fantastic. Don't worry--- It'll work out. She's still your baby.