Does hollow body need a laminate top?


Maybe a stupid question, but if I choose hollow option for LP body, does it need a laminate top? I mean are the chambers inside the body so they are not visible, or are they on the top of the body?  :help:
The way W explained it, they cut the hollow option areas and then glue the top on.  How they price it, I don't know.
The chambers are routed from the top into the body back. If there was no laminate top, those chambers would be visible. A top is part and parcel to any guitar with sound chambers-semi acoustic, acoustic, etc.
Hey, there's an idea! An open hollow with no top!! Radical, man!  (though not necessarily acoustically pleasing)  :)
BB in SC
Unless Scotty comes 'round to beam out the wood from within the body, then yes.