Digitech GNX4 Guitar Workstation

If you are looking to jam at home with headphones, or record some tracks it is pretty darn cool. 

However,  I need something a little different for live applications and I am looking my offload mine.  So if you or anyone is interested make me an offer.  Gig bag included. 

If I ever go digital I'm getting one of these.

A friend has one and it sounds sweet.

my experience with those things was with a smaller cheaper one that my cousin bought. It was terrible. Sound quality was fair (and that's being really kind), but the thing was just so unintuitive. Pain in the ass to use. My 2cents.

Granted, it was one of the smaller $99 models, so that could play a big role.
I used to have one of the lower end Digitech units similar to it and personally it didn't sound terrible exactly but it wasn't worth much more than practicing with headphones. I bought a POD XT and never looked back.
I second that CD, i use a Pod XT and short board plugged into my Roland keyboard amp. I get great tone, and this is next to three other guitar players in my band all using fender, marshall and dumble tube combo amps.