Digital Calipers

I've use Mitutoyo calipers and tools for over 30 years, never an issue.  ONCE I needed a recalibrate on dial caliper.  It was dirt cheap and came with huge certificate. 

I dont know the current line that well, but the last set I got was a dial caliper - with inside and outside jaws both in carbide, and .01 per rev on the dial (as opposed .02, not as nice to read).

Digis are nice - I prefer dials.  No batteries.  And I keep a set of Diamond Master Mitutoyo's (verniers) for the dirty work - cuz they're indestuctable (but harder to read).


I think the dial was about $110 due to carbide.  The vernier about 90ish (a lot for verniers, but these are top of the line).  That is in 1995ish dollars.  Some of that stuff though, has not gone up much at all - if any though.
I've got two sets of dials here, plus the verniers, two or three specialized mics, depth mic, some other odd tools like small hole gauges and radius gauges.  Given away a few sets of mics to up and coming trainees along the path.  Never an issue with the M stuff.