Did someone mod his Bassman 100



I have a Bassman 100 silverface and I'm wondering about modify it...
I found mod kits in Torres Engeneering but did someone test them or other mods ?

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IMHO, the best mod for a silverface bassman is the good old blackface conversion.
I've done that mod to a silverface bassman for a recording studio and it's been their go-to amp ever since.  Well, that and one of my amps.

Sadly, I'm not a fan of Torres - there is not much engineering in their stuff.
Thank you for your answer.
Did you knpw where I can find the mod schematic for a Bassman 100?
I won't do it myself but I have a friend who can do it, I only missing the mod explaination and schem.

Thank you for your help.

My Bassman does have middle control, did you know how this mod will affect the tone of the amp?
I haven't done the mod, so I can't say with certainty.  Likely it will change the tone of the amp somewhat - but isn't that why you're moding the amp in the first place?