Deft vs Mohawk Lacquer

On my first go around I used Mohawk  spray toner to get an amber tint to the body and neck. I was somewhat unsattisfied with the results as it was not as even and there were some spotts from splatter.  I was considering doing a couple  coats of the amber shellac I have seen everyone mentioning  to get a more even amber. Will this work?  If so, how many coats and will this do okay with the lacquer topcoat.  Also, dry times...?  How long on this stuff?
Oh, so far I have only used the oil based sandable sealer and a couple coats of vinyl sealer before the black filler to make applicationn easier and to protect the rest of the surface from  the black filler.  The surface is now real smooth.  Three coats of black filler followed by three coats of clear.  In addition, my last coat of filler has been drying  for a full week in 85 degree dry climate.