Deft clear coat


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Hey everyone! I have finally started to clear coat my guitar today, I am using the deft spray gloss clear, I think I'll wear a mask next time! feeling a little light headed  : :laughing7: anyway, I'm used to using automotive clear coat which goes on much heavier. I applied the first coat noticing that it is a very fine spray and it is a very thin liquid! how many coats will it take to get a really nice deep shine? I have three cans of this stuff. I have ordered all the hardware and will be posting pics very soon I hope. Thanks for everyones help so far, I'm really liking how it's turning out.

It can vary a lot depending on how well you did your prep and how thin you spray the coats. I generally wind up doing 10-12 coats. Trick is to shoot as thin a coat as possible each time and avoid runs/drips/splatter.
Hey Jack, do you ever sand between coats? or is sanding only necessary if you get runs or splatter.
Build coats, no need to sand between.  There IS a need to degrease between if you've touched the finish with yer grimy paws (and I know ya did).  You want thin coats.  The reason is - unlike automotive, lacquer air dries, the solvents have to evaporate.  Put on a thick coat and it takes FORVER to dry.  Months.  A year even.  Or never.  Lacquer will melt into the coat under it, as long as the coat under it is clean, and not too old.  You should be able to shoot two, three coats a day, no problem.. morning noon and nite.  On work days... just an evening coat, let it dry overnite. 

When you're done.... let it dry for a solid two, three, four weeks.  The longer go you on this, the better it will be - trust me.
I think I put 3 or 4 coats on the first shot!! turned out orange peel. I'm used to spraying clear in long passes with an imediate gloss to it. this stuff is so different. I sanded after this dried and damn it !!!! I did the same thing again just trying to wet it up. Big Mistake!! I sanded again this morning and recoated a very thin coat being careful not to go over any spots twice. Hopefully I will have better luck this evening. I'm guessing I will probably have to wet sand and buff when I have enough coats on it to get the wet look I'm looking for. I damn near grabbed my dupont clear last night, but thought that the deft clear might not like it .

I used deft gloss on this over the course of about 3 days. The first coat I just dusted. It was a very light coat prob didn't even cover all of the headstock. I waited about 1.5 hours then did again. Then a third time. Let it sit over night. In the morning a put a regular coat on it and went to work. did the same in the evening. Repeated this for 3 days. On the last coat I hit it with a very light sanding of 600 just to knock it down then one last very light coat. after it had dried for a day or so I came back with Minwax furniture paste and buffed it. This picture is just before the 600 grit sanding.
Looks real nice!! I guess I was being a bit impatient. I ordered a can of the shellewax buffing wax today to apply after I think it has enough coats. Should I wet sand with #400 or higher? or will this cut through the clear too quickly?
I bought 400 as well and it seemed to cut alot more then I tought it would so I didn't use it. Even the 600 was more then I thought but was OK wet  it very good and it doesn't need a heavy hand. I also bought 00000 steel wool but didn't end up using it.
I'll pick up some #600, Thanks for the help! Using a little patience is helping. I have 6 coats on the body now and it's looking real good.